Warehouse entries, carnets, duty drawback and foreign trade zone entries.
Not all commercial goods immediately enter or exit the commerce of the origin and destination countries.  Sometimes it is traveling or remaining in place under special circumstances for short or long periods of time.  It might even be a small part of a larger program that reduces the overall duty exposure of a finished product.

These are areas where Overton & Co. excel.

We have experience handling entries not immediately for consumption such as:

  • Warehouse entries and withdrawals – Cargo remaining in a warehouse where duty isn’t paid until it is removed.

  • Duty drawback – Recovering up to 99% of imported duties where eligible for goods exported from the United States.

  • Carnets – The duty-free movement of goods such as trade show exhibition materials, staging or movie sets, equipment and costumes in and out of member countries without the need to pay import duty.

  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) clearances – Taking a component and combining it with other items to produce a finished good with a duty rate different than the component itself.

Between our feature rich software and the experience of our long-tenured, low-turnover staff of professionals, we can handle any and all of these special types of entries for our customers.  If your supply chain has special requirements, we welcome the chance to discuss it with you further.