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Welcome everyone to the new overtonfreight.com website.

While Overton is proud to hold the first Customs broker license award by the Customs service back in the 1800’s, it doesn’t mean that we felt like we should keep a website that felt like it dated from that time much longer.

This new site will serve three primary purposes.

  1. We will use it to communicate news about happenings at Overton and issues which face the trade and impact you, our customers. As much as what we do transactionally is important, so is being your first source for information that can change the way you do business.
  2. We are proud to display it to importers, exporters and agents who are thinking of working with Overton in the future. We are a company with a tremendous history, loyal people and experience that is unmatched in our special areas of practice. This has to be conveyed and a confidence given to people that Overton & Co. is the best fit for them.
  3. The site will serve as a gateway to our clients who use our track and trace system to follow their cargo through Customs and as it moves around the world.

We welcome your feedback for things that you would like to see. We’ve made our most commonly-used forms available for download here. Finally, and most importantly, the Terms and Conditions under which we trade are here as well.

I look forward to hearing from you all now and into the future, and thank you once again for your business. It is a pleasure to serve each and every one of you.